Reliability, quality, safety, speed: the Acca S.p.A. is already equipped to do miracles !!!

With over 1,000 formulations catalog and forty years’ experience, it is difficult that the Acca S.p.A. company is not able to solve the problems inherent in the maintenance and industrial production. Often, faced with particular problems, if only to specific company, chemical company seeking the customized solution to the customer. This not only is a sign of high professionalism and competence, but of reliability.


Every product, before the issue (of the launch) on the market, is subject to extensive and rigorous testing (s) with laboratory and practical tests in the field, in order to ensure compliance with the strict standards imposed by the quality system.

Reliability, safety

The safety data sheets, technical sheets and labels are processed taking into account the most stringent European and international standards. Symbols and risk phrases, therein, are always reported correctly, because the company’s ethics is to provide all information required by law to ensure the safety buyer. It constitutes a real mission protecting the environment and the user of the product, unlike other seeks to secure an easier sale, omit symbols of danger or alter risk phrases.

Integrity, transparency and fairness are values that have always distinguished the Acca S.p.A.

Speed and efficiency

The goods, which in practice is delivered free-customer without any charge of transport charges, part of the establishments within 3 days of receipt of the order, which, in turn, is always sent to the customer for confirmation of duty. The speed of delivery, is another indicator of efficiency.