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The products of Acca S.p.A., highly refined for each sector, to provide highly motivated, open and flexible, the opportunity to grow professionally and economically.

The company consists of a team of technicians able to support the seller at any time, as well as Members of commercial inspectors to its continuous training through the job training and courses in the field.

The Acca seller has the ability to get in each company, as the company with the experience gained over the years, has been able to study and formulate highly specialized technical products for each such sector, metal processing, air treatment , oil industry, odor treatment, food processing, heating and plumbing, solvents, etc., which rank from big business to small artisans, from public bodies to hospitals, hotels, garages, to the livestock sector etc.
With products Acca S.p.A. you can create a good customer base in a short time, to “manage” fluency in ensuring good economic independence and satisfaction with their professional activities.
With over 1,000 formulations, including those of own production and those commercialized, together with forty years of experience, the Acca S.P.A. is able to solve the different problems inherent in both the maintenance that the production in the productive sectors. This is the added value that sets it apart from the competition by being in such a professional, flexible and efficient.


Acca S.p.A. sellers have adequate working area, close to his residence, enabling extremely low running costs.
They are invited, hosted and trained at the headquarters of the company for the conduct of courses (training) to the learning of the various products. The theoretical and practical tests take place in classrooms and laboratories to society.
Later, once back in their area of residence, they are achieved by commercial inspectors and flanked for long enough so that they can reach technical and economic autonomy.

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